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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Take charge of the nation: Register to vote

Take charge of the nation: Register to vote
Please forward this article to all your contacts so that we may reach out to educate those who failed to register or failed to vote.

I spoke to my sound engineer yesterday at the audio studio. He is in his 30s and has not register to vote.

Reason: "My single vote will make no difference coz THEY will chea.... and we will never win......"

My Reply: "If 1 MILLION of single vote say the same, we are hopeless. Every single one of us need to come together to overcome the cheating. Volunteers come forward to monitor and prevent cheating. If the 1MILLION single voters sit back and say we make no difference.... Then it is really hopeless...."

Result: "He asked how he can register soon..."

Many are ignorant and dismiss their single vote as POWERLESS. We need to give them a different perspective... May God help our nation... our country... our people.

God bless and love, Jen

Freelance writer and long-time journalist Bob Teoh makes an impassioned plea to Christians to register as a voter. He is proud to have been a voter since 1969.

Every vote counts. This point was forcibly driven home in the recent Sibu parliamentary by-election in Sarawak (16 May 2010). Sibu is the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition's stronghold - it has never lost this seat. But this time it did. And by only 398 votes.

The underdog, DAP's Wong Ho Leng, polled 18,845 votes against BN candidate Robert Lau's 18,447 votes. All that was needed was for Lau to get an extra 399 votes and he would have beaten Wong to the post by one solitary vote. Yes, every vote counts.

The irony is that there are plenty of votes lying around for the picking. There are 15.47 million people who are eligible to vote. Of this, nearly one-third or 4.39 million have not yet registered as voters.

These potential new 4.39 million voters will make a significant difference in how the country is governed. Like Sibu, many parliamentary and state constituencies are won or lost by slim margins. Yes, if 4.39 million people who are eligible to register as voters sign up, they will determine whether Malaysia should continue as a one-party regime or a two-party democracy.

Any new Prime Minister needs to get a fresh mandate. Therefore, I believe the next general elections will be held soon - within a year or so. This is not a prophecy but common sense. The Prime Minister had done well in winning Hulu Selangor (in April) and he was banking on taking the Sibu by-election.

This was a seat he couldn't lose. If he had won, then we can expect the Sarawak state elections to be called any time.

Will we finally see the emergence of a two-party democracy? It depends very much on the missing 4.39 million votes. Are you one of these missing votes? Your one solitary vote can make a world of a difference.

The Christian block of voters is the largest after the Malay and Chinese blocks. It is even higher than what MIC can deliver.

Yes, the Christian vote makes a real difference. It does not matter who or how you vote but vote you must. If you have not registered, do so now. If you know someone in your church who has not registered yet, get him/her to do so. Better still get your church to hold a voter registration campaign.

Romans 13 talks about governments being ordained by God. You can help to ensure the next government is a just and righteous one. Register now unless you don't give a hoot to a godly government.

It is no coincidence that God has made it out that every one out of 10 persons in Malaysia is a Christian. Don't be merely a statistic. Be a Christian voter. There are Christian lawmakers on both sides of the political divide. Make sure you vote the godly ones. That's not only your right but your responsibility.

As a strategy, do not register in the Klang valley even if you work and live here. Register to vote in your hometowns to spread out the voters nationwide.

My wife and I are registered to vote in Taiping. At the last general elections, we drove back there to cast our votes. Our two votes were among the many that made the difference.

Some Christians who have emigrated made it a point to fly back just to vote at the last general elections. That cost them a lot in airfares. You need only to register and go to the nearest polling station at the next general elections. It costs you virtually nothing to exercise your right.

We get the kind of government we deserve. If you are not a voter, by default you have chosen the worst form of government.

The tyranny of an iron-grip of a taken-for-granted two-thirds majority in Parliament was broken at the last elections. It must remain broken. Please register now as a voter. Every precious vote counts for your own future, that of our children, the generations to come and the Church in Malaysia . To God be the glory.

Register now. Go to:
Election Commission of Malaysia: voter registration
Suruhanjaya Pilihan Rays Malaysia: pendaftaran pengundi

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