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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Comments: Yen Yen to face Cabinet over Facebook debacle

It has been reported that Yen Yen will have to face the Cabinet over the RM1.8 million for Facebook which is free, so what can we say about this.

Well we will have to see what are the questions raised in Cabinet and what Yen Yen's replies are plus also whether what had transpired in the Cabinet will be made public.

In addition, it is to be noted that this involve a relatively "small sum" (the operative word is relative) as compared with much bigger cases reported but nothing done. It could be that Yen Yen is dispensible as a small fry so as to protect bigger sharks.

Update: , Rasah MP Anthony Loke expressed his disbelief at Ng's clarification yesterday.

“She said that a portion of the money went to software, hardware and server. I don't know since when you need software, hardware and a server to set up a Facebook page."

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