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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Innocent Malay woman shot by police

Alerted by email to this innocent Malay lady who was shot by police for no apparent reason below. Brief transcript below if you have no time to listen to the video. Was asked to spread the story widely so let your friends and relatives know about this:


After being shot 5 times by the police, Norizan was dragged this lady out and down to the ground and then kicked her with booted feet and broked her ribs.

Norizan Salleh is an innocent woman, was travelling in a car, has not been charged for any offence. Never had trouble with the law before, and for no reason whatsoever, the police fired at her car and almost killed the lady. One bullet was lodged right next to the heart.

Surendran's shock and disappointment is this. Despite such clear evidence of wrong doing on the part of the police, the Minister Hishammuddin has said that the police acted properly and no action will be taken against the police.

International standards are very clear. Police can only shoot if there is actual danger to the lives of the police themselves. These people are unarmed people travelling in a car. So what is the justification of the police in shooting her?

There has also been a false story spread by the police that the police had to shoot at the car in self defence because the car that Norizan was travelling in had tried to ram the police.

This is a lie, and Surendran will prove why it is a lie. The bullet that entered the car entered from behind. So if they were trying to ram the police car, how can the bullet come in from behind?

Norizan explained further in Bahasa Malaysia including explaining that there were not even a road block.


Anonymous said...

For such cases to be taken up the Lawyers in this country should stop charging RM 500.00 an hour.

Admin said...

Some lawyers charge even less - RM0.00 per hour or if you take into their expenses into consideration -RM500 per hour for they are volunteers.