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Monday, May 6, 2013

BN won unfair victory with less than 50% popular votes

When everyone was so enthusiastic with the unprecedented crowds at Pakatan Rakyat's ceramah's and people were very confident of a PR victory, I had my worries. Worries about the traditional gerrymandering and malapproportionment which ensures that BN can win will less than 50% of the votes. In addition to that, there were worries about the effect of cheating, phantom votes, the buying of votes via BR1M handouts (with public money), crony mega dinners and worries about how those civil service who had helped BN implement very unfair policies and actions, would vote because of fear of retribution.

My worries were increased when, while the majorities were impressive, it was not a landslide majorites when preliminary results in Selangor began trickling in. Thus it was not a surprise when The Malaysian Insider revealed their calculations showed BN won only 5.22 million votes (48.7%) as compared with Pakatan Rakyat which won 5.489 million votes (51.3%) and still won by a simple majority.

Is it payback time for the cronies for helping BN retain a simple majority with public money? Let's hope not.

I am confident without all the gerrymandering, malapproportionment, vote buying, etc., Pakatan Rakyat should have won.

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