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Sunday, May 12, 2013

PRU13: Chinese ungrateful? What about Reformasi 1998 and PRU10 1999?

After UMNO/BN lost the popular vote in the Malaysia Thirteen General Election (PRU 13 or PilihanRaya Umum 13), UMNO politicians and media started attacking the Chinese as being ungrateful for backing the Pakatan Rakyat opposition. Even though in truth, instead of it been a Chinese tsunami, it is actually an urban and middle class tsunamin that swung against UMNO/BN.

Is calling Chinese ungrateful justified? Then what about the 1999 Tenth General Election where the Malays swung to vote for the opposition because of disgust at how Anwar Ibrahim was treated and because of Reformasi 1998? If not for Chinese swinging to support UMNO/BN and Mahathir, they would have lost the election then. And now they call Chinese ungrateful. Melayu mudah lupa (Malays forget easily).

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