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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Contrast between BERSIH 1 and BERSIH 4

The first BERSIH mass protest in 2007 was a huge contrast to what was experienced from the peaceful BERSIH 4 in 2015. Armed police presence including the red helmetted FRU bearing rifles and shields were highly visible, but police presence was hardly felt this round, in any case in areas where I was present.

In Bersih 1, protestors were met with police vans and Black Marias standing ready to send protestors to lockups. In Bersih 4, protestors are offered free drinks and food from food trucks:

In Bersih 1, you will see police armed with revolvers stationed all around Kuala Lumpur, but in Bersih 4, a volunteer holds up the welcoming sign offering free medical attention and free food and drinks at St John's Cathedral:

In Bersih 1, as you turn the corner from Pasar Seni to Lebuh Pasar Besar towards Loke Yew Building, you will be greeted by menacing looking and armed FRU red helmetted riot squad, but in Bersih 4, you have many peaceful protestors holding up posters illustraing the ills of Malaysia, unhindered by the Police:

In Bersih 1, the presence of Malay Muslims donning white kopiah were overwhelming, but in Bersih 4, unfortunately they were not highly visible

Update: Ideally, we Malaysians should not be referring to race at all as good governance and corruption has no skin color. A commentator said BERSIH 1 80% Malays, but BERSIH that 80% attended but % diluted to 30% because of a huge turnout of non-Malays. Likely correct because of the huge increase in participants for BERSIH 4.

In Bersih 1, Dr. Mahathir who was then Prime Minister denigrated Bersih protestors, but in Bersih 4, he with wife participated in the protest although for only a short while:

Update: Unfortunately the peaceful nature of BERSIH 4 disturbed by a news update. Received news that FRU personnels were arresting Bersih 4 T-shirted protestors at Stathuys in Malacca.


Unknown said...

During BERSIH 1, 80% were Malays. During BERSIH 4 that 80% attended, but were overwhelmed by the Chinese, their percentage fell to 30% because of that. At the end of the event, 50% of Malays attended despite more Chinese joining. What does that say? More Malays, more Chinese, Orang Asli, Orang Asal. Maknanya ramai lagi RAKYAT MALAYSIA attended BERSIH 4. More MALAYSIANS attended. More are pissed at Najib's kencing. End of 1MDB cabinet, UMNO/BN, Utusan, UMNO Cyber trannies, blogger 'Another Berok in the Wall' spinning.

Manature said...

Wise saying. Will amend post to reflect what you wrote.