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Thursday, October 25, 2007

ACA attempt to intimidate PKR failed

I had published a last minute announcement about a gathering Support PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat or Peoples' Justice Party) which mentioned that Officers of the ACA (Anti-corruption Agency) is expected to be present in the DSAI (don't know what this stand for) in regard to the directive of ACA to surrender the original copy of the (VK Lingam) video in FULL or face jail. Malaysians are requested to assemble at DSAI (Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim) HQ? at 10.30am

I was there this morning and if you have no time to look at the photos, etc., just scroll down to the bottom to the post and read the good news. Round 2 (actually don't know how many rounds are there) to PKR. We don't know how many rounds there will be and who the victors will be. But let it be on the side of Justice.

OK, here are the photos:

assembly in front of Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim's headquater
Assembly in front of Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim's headquater

"Siasat VK Lingam dan Siasat Ahmad Fairuz" or "Investigate VK Lingam and Investigate Ahmad Fairuz"

Here are some Malaysians holding up posters demanding that instead of harassing PKR, the ACA (Anti-corruption Agency) should focus on the main issues and investigate VK Lingam and Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz instead. I suppose these posters are prepared in anticipation of the arrival of the ACA officers.

The actual poster at close range

Anwar Ibrahim press conference announcing the good news

What good news? Anwar Ibrahim told the press that at 11:05am, the Anti Corruption Agency officer contacted him to cancel today’s appointment with him until further notice. He said that VK Lingam confirmed Ahmed Fairuz is the man he was speaking to and the “Anwar case” was mentioned.

He told the press that on Monday 22nd October 2007, he was served a notice under section 22(1)(b) of the Anti Corruption Act 1997 demanding that he deliver to the ACA the original full 14 minute version of the video recording of the VK Lingam – Fairuz conversation. This is in spite of him telling them that he did not have the tape in his possession.

He claimed that it is clear the issuance of the notice was politically motivated to create a basis for a potential prosecution for an offence under the Act and to intimidate him, Sivarasa, Vice-President of KeADILan and Sim, his special assistant from pressing the authorities to conduct the investigation properly.

He claimed that a reading of Part IV of the Act would clearly shows that it was intended to provide such powers as given in section 22 to investigating officers to allow them to obtain evidence from persons suspected of being INVOLVED in corruption so that suspects could not hide the evidence and prevent prosecution.

The powers were never intended to be used, as the ACA was then doing, to harass and threaten persons who have voluntarily, and in the public interest, DISCLOSED offences of corruption.

By doing this, Anwar Ibrahim said that the ACA is losing its credibility and in the future no one will feel confident to lodge a report with the ACA for fear of such unjust retribution.

His lawyers have advised Anwar Ibrahim to file a legal challenge to set aside the notice so that such abuses of power be exposed.

You can read the full press statement at Anwar: ACA Cancels Appointment, VK Lingam Confirms Fairuz On Other Line.

After the press conference, holding up the thumb drive which contain the video file, announced that if the ACA officers don't turn up within 5 minutes, the thumb drive will disappear. Here is Anwar Ibrahim holding up the thumb drive:

nwar Ibrahim holding the thumb drive containing the VK Lingam tape
Anwar Ibrahim holding the thumb drive containing the VK Lingam tape which he said will disappear if the ACA officers do not turn up within 5 minutes

Well, the ACA officers did not turn up even after 5 minutes. So we will not know where the thumb drive will disappear to now.

A further announcement was made asking concerned Malaysians to assemble outside the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur after the Friday prayers at 1.45pm 26th October, 2007. Hope to see you there.

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