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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Support PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat or Peoples' Justice Party)

Got this message only this morning, same day as the assembly is scheduled to be held so don't know if it is going to be of any help to PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat or Peoples' Justice Party)

Pegawai-pegawai BPR dijangka akan hadir ke pejabat DSAI berkenaan arahan BPR untuk menyerahkan salinan video asal yang sepenuhnya atau menghadapi penjara.

Orang ramai dijemput menunjukkan solidariti dengan DSAI di pejabatnya pada masa dan waktu berikut. Tolong sebarkan.

Tempat: Pejabat DSAI, 17, Jalan 16/2, Section 16, PJ.

Masa: Khamis, 25 Oktober, 10.30am.


Officers of the ACA (Anti-corruption Agency) is expected to be present in the DSAI (don't know what this stand for) in regard to the directive of ACA to surrender the original copy of the (VK Lingam) video in FULL or face jail.

If Anwar Ibrahim hands over the original tape, the Attorney-General may rule that there is no case and NFA (no further action) is required. They can then destroy it like they did the DP Vijenderan porno videotapes on some excuse. If he do not hand it over, this would be grounds to prosecute him, get find him guilty, jail him and he will be barred five more years from contesting the general election.

Currently, Anwar will be eligible to contest the general election if it is held after 14 April 2008, If Anwar Ibrahim is jailed, he will not be eligible for the election again untill 2013 or 2014. He will then either be forgotten and/or to old to be of any significance. I guess this is what the powers want.

Unless the Monarchy step in with their limited power, things look bleak for Malaysia unless Malaysians wake up, be proactive and not wait for them or their loved ones to be affected to take action.

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