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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sultan Azlan Shah calls for Judiciary Reform

I just got the newspapers from the newspager vendor and Seven-Eleven this morning. The headlines that stared at me in the whole of front page the Sun was "Sultan Azlan speaks out". This place is normally reserved for a full page advertisement which theSun sacrificed to put this very significant speech and thus lost advertising revenue. The Sun is a free paper which depend only on advertising revenue to survive, and perhaps to thrive.

In the front page of New Straits Times was "Sultan Azlan Shah calls for Judiciary Reform" sharing half of the front page with a report of our Prime Minister opening what I think is the Eastern Corridor.

In In the Star? I think it was something about the Eastern Corridor" or something taking up the whole front page. No sign of that very significant speech by a highly respected former Lord President, former Agong, and current Sultan of Perak.

Why only "I think"? From habits of old, I have been buying the Star, and also some of my children wants to read the printed newspapers. I have resisted the temptation to boycott the Star for a long time and have resisted it because of my children, but this morning was the tipping point. Here is the most important issue of our country today and the Star chose not to put it on its front page. Is it inside? I don't know. I didn't buy the Star as usual. I bought New Straits Times instead. I hope someone who reads the Star tells me if it is there inside relegated to a tiny obscure column or not there at all.

I would like to know so that I can update this post, but I don't want to do that by buying the Star. I want to try to make this my small contribution to making my unhappiness with the Star known to the editors and/or the owners. In fact, I am going to copy-paste this and send it to the editors of the Star and probably MCA as well if I can find the proper email address to send it to.

The Star started out like the Sun these days. It has changed tremendously since. The New Straits Times lost its readers leadership by doing about the same thing as the Star today, and I look forward to seeing the advertising revenue of the Star and its readership falls. Here is my small contribution goes towards that end.

Now on to my other tasks as I am not really a political blogger.

Update 1.01pm 30 October 2007: Someone did respond saying now the speech by Sultan Azlan is neither in (the Star online) (New Straits Times online)

See comments.

Looks like a cat and mouse game and someone using some strategy to boost the readership of the New Straits Times. Now got to decide what I should do


aja49 said...

I too was looking for the article in NSTP on-line website but sad to say I could not find it. So thinking I would find it in The Star on-line but met with the same frustration.
Therefore it goes to show and perhaps too obvious that these two newspapers do not really care for such an important issue just because it has to touch a bit what the government is trying to evade all along.

Peter Chen said...

Hi Aja49,

I am an avid blogger and have a few "tips and tricks" blogs, but unfortunately, our MSM newspaper have some of their own.

Here is one very active "tips and tricks" blog:

Peter Blog*Star
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