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Monday, April 21, 2008

Is Printing Press Act history? No more need for Printig Permit?

Wong Chin Huat, an activist claimed he found a loophole in the Printing Press and Publicationss Act. Wong Chin Huat referred to Section 25 91) of the the Printing Press and Publicationss Act which says "Nothing in this Act shall extend to the publication or making of any documents or periodical by or for the Federal or any State Government or any statutory body." This implies a newspaper pulished by a PR (Pakatan Rakyat) controlled State Government is excempt from draconian Printing Press and Publicationss Act.

Wong Chin Huat proposed a PR controlled State Government grant an authorization letter to the recently banned Makkal Osai newspaper as a test case.

Note: Wong Chin Huat is the chairperson of WAMI (Writer Alliance for Media Independence) started in 2001 when as a protest of MCA taking over the Nanyang Press Holding Berhad, 90 writers banded together and stopped contributing articles to the Chinese media.

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