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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Abdullah Badawi 3 tasks before resign

At long last Abdullah Badawi current Prime Minister of Malaysia made decisive, firm decision? He will not go for reelection for the President of UMNO (United Malays National Organization). However, after so many policy flip-flops and telling what many said are lies (denied he is getting remarried but actually did get remarried a short while after, denied the Parliament is going to be dissolved on February 13 2008 on February 12 but announced the dissolution of the Parliament the very next day), will he go back on his word once again?

Whatever it is, the general consensus among many are that he has 3 major tasks to perform before he leaves office if he is not to go down in history as a lame duck Prime Minister, reform the JAC (Judicial Appointment Commission), reform the ACA (Anti-corruption Agency) and implement the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission).

Let us pray that at long last Abdullah Badawi finally get to deliver the promises that he made in the 2004 General Election.

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