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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Socialist Republic Sarawak Anti Barisan Nasional meeting

We will be holding our first meeting in Mukah. Yes Mukah and right in the birth place of Taib Mahmud and also the place where our corrupt and terrorist BN in Sarawak was born.

We have enough manpower in our Ranks to give the Sarawak BN a good fight afterall the Tsunami of March 08 started in Urban Sarawak and we are now bringing our fight to the rural areas where BN think the rakyat can be bullied and bought.

Anyone who wish to attend this meeting please contact me at 086484225 and 0198884836.

Our first meeting will be held at Kpg Lintang Balingian, Mukah, Sarawak.
We are self funding group and only receive token donations from anti government activist locally and overseas.

If you feel this government have been fair, do not contact us. We invite all opressed Citizens of Malaysia to come forward and support our cause.

Luke Siaw Lu Tiong
Commisar Socialist Republic Sarawak
Kpg Lintang

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