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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Draconian ISA Abolished MALEK HUSSIN detention

Here is a personal account of Malek Hussin, who was arrested and detained under the draconian and unfair ISA (Internal Security Act). Malek Hussin described how he was arrested and handcuffed in front of his house and the police searched his house without a search warrant. His repeated requests for the reasons for the arrest and the search warrant just met with a robotic answer "ISA" by the arresting officer special branch officer Borhan Daud. Malek Hussin described how he was slapped on the left cheek by special branch officer Borhan Daud that left a ringing tone in his left ear which probably caused a 50% hearing loss. Malek described how he was stripped of his cloths and handcuffed while completely naked, how he was punched and kicked by a number of officers while naked and handcuffed.

His account showed how cruel the police can be and gives very strong reasons why ISA should be abolished and why IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) should be implemented immediately to prevent abuses by the Malaysian police.

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