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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anti-ISA Rally August 1

The Anti-ISA (Internal Security Act) Rally is scheduled to begin at 2pm. From experience at the 9-11 BERSIH Rally where the Pasar Seni and Masjid Jamek LRT stations were locked down and trains forced to bypass the stations, today I chose to take the LRT to Pasar Seni early and reached there around 11am. As I headed towards the escalator, I already spotted 2 police armed with pistols.

There was a Police lockup truck parked next to Pasar Seni which was already filled with arrestees. Sigh! They have already started arresting at such an early stage. Also spotted were 2 police with Alsatian dogs patrolling the car park.

Police with Alsatian dogs

Police were milling around and I spotted a few traffic police (white uniform) mixing with the regular police (dark blue uniform). Let's hope the rally will be allowed to proceed with police directing traffic rather than to interfere with the rally:

Traffic police milling around Pasar Seni together with regular police

From Pasar Seni, I walked over to Masjid Jamek. The time was 11.45am and already there was a crowd. A helicopter was buzzing overhead:

helicopter buzzing overhead at Masjid Jamek

Not much seemed to be happening here. I spotted a Malaysiakini reporter cameraman chatting with 2 foreigners, explaining what all the fuss was about. :

Malaysiakini reporter cameraman chatting with 2 foreigners

Parked nearby next to Masjid Jamek was another police lockup truck (Black Maria):

Black Maria at Masjid Jamek

The police seemed very trigger-happy apparently arresting at will. Here are some photos of those arrested, among which was 2 women with black tudung and veil:

Police arresting 2 women with black tudung and veil

Police bringing an arrestee next to OCBC bank heading towards Masjid Jamek

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