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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Muhyiddin Yassin: please read Citizen Nades report

Muhyiddin Yassin is both Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister, a very crucial post that can impact seriously on the future of our young ones as well as the future of Malaysia. Right now the Malaysian education system is very unhealthy with incompetent teachers. Muhyiddin so far had failed to impress as the second highest leader of our country with his series of nonsensical statements. Let us hope he reads about what R. Nadeswarn (Citizen Nades) wrote in the Sun recently: Teaching children to fail

Someone sent Nadeswaran a brown envelope containing a note with the header: Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Selangor: Program Peningkatan Prestasi UPSR (Selangor Education Department: UPSR Performance Enhancement Programme). It was a mathematics test preparatory paper for Standard Six pupils who would be sitting for the exam next month. Apparently, of the 40 questions, there were 33 grammatical mistakes, that is, a horrible 75%.

Muhyiddin Yassin, please surf over to the Sun and read for yourself the depth to which our Malaysian education system has plunged with half past six teachers who cannot even write a decent sentence without grammatical error

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