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Saturday, August 22, 2009

BN caught red-handed: Election Commission closed down Welfare Ministry event

Are we finally seeing some semblance of independence and fair play from the Malaysian Election Commission. All along, the Malaysian Election Commission had been seen as closing both eyes to wrongdoings by the UMNO/BN breaching the election rules.

PKR had complained that BN had abused government machineries for election purposes at the Barisan Nasional ceramah at Sama Gagah village where Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister Heang Siak Kee was giving a speech plus there was a Welfare Department bus with the department logo was parked plus BN flags, buntings and other materials. There was even the words "Please vote BN" written in Chinese characters on the stage. Sim Tze Tzin, Pantai Jerajak state representative also claimed that Heang Siak Kee had told participants that those above 60 years of age can claim RM200 from the organizers.

This time a surprise enforcement team led by Election Commission officer Sulaiman Abdullah raided the function and ordered it closed. Minister Heang Siak Kee shamefacedly had to stop her speech half-way and sneak away with shame.

Let us hope that this is the start of a new beginning for the previously highly tainted Election Commission. There is still one outstanding issue sticking up like a sore thumb - Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin use of an Armed Force helicopter on UMNO business. That is corruption and abuse of power.

Photo of Welfare Department vehicle misuse courtesy of Malaysiakini

Photo of a PKR member involved in the raid courtesy of Malaysiakini

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