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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Malaysian's comments re: Stolen jet engines: Gov't to tell all next month

The Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Ahmad Maslan made a laughable comment regarding the 2 stolen (he called ite two missing) RMAF F-5E jet engines, that it would be explained to the people next month. Want to know what Malaysians think of that ludicrous statement? Here are the comments from Malaysiakini: Stolen jet engines: Gov't to tell all next month:

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by Yuvan - 53 minutes ago
Government to tell all? Really? Well, the government should have told all it knew about this scam long ago, especially since it discovered the theft more than a year ago and claims to have been investigating the incident for many months now. The theft was huge (in terms of value and the sheer logistics used in moving the stolen goods out of Malaysia) and it happened in a high-profile and highly sensitive security environment (the armed forces). If the government is really serious about revealing all it knows, then it should move with the urgency the issue warrants and clearly show its determination to nail all the culprits. And while we wait to hear the whole story from the government, we should not be surprised if it comes up with its typical ‘excuse’ later on to say that it cannot reveal all because that will jeopardise investigations and/or court proceedings (that is, if and when all the people involved are finally charged).

by cala - an hour ago
Absolutely entertaining and relevent comments from Mythots, Amaso, mangodurian and many more. You make my day. Thank you Sirs.

by ezilan - 2 hours ago
Hello Brudder Deputy Minister, You need one month to come up with some cerita donggeng about missing engines? This time you will say the engines committed suicide from the 10th floor and were disposed. All records of the Government belong to the people and should be readily available at short notice to the people anytime unless you have a lot to hide and hoodwink the rakyat. Like Mahacon who said Anwar punched himself when he was arrested.

by lim chong leong - 2 hours ago
Haha, they now need one month to get their story together and everyone to stick to it. They will be having a meeting of all parties involved in a prominent lawyer's office for a white board discussion and briefing.

by Thomas Foo - 2 hours ago
Stop kidding, BeEnd government!How cock sure are you genuine enough to do that. Perhaps, you should start with Lingam or maybe Aminah or PKFZ or TBH. You have been lying for the past decades. We know and you know. We don't vote for a lying government!

by Sentinel - 2 hours ago
Rakyat diutamakan, performance NOW! Hoi... why wait for 1 month to tell all if there is so much urgency in this? I thought 1Malaysia is all about PERFORMANCE NOW! Loads of Bull if you ask me!

by Doc - 3 hours ago
Are you sure that one month is enough time for the BN/UMNO to come up with a really credible, believable and acceptable reason for the missing jet engines and why BN parliamentarians were missing in action on the 14th Dec. I would advise the UMNO boys to appoint a new spin doctor to come with believable excuses/reasons that are palatable to the rakyat. The rakyat are not DUMB so please don't get a dumb spin doctor to give us stories lah!

by mangodurian - 3 hours ago
Yeah, I can see the explanation ... "Urm .. yes para Rakyat yang senang faham, you see there were no stolen engines. The F-5E are old junk from the 70's and we've already retired them. We already had plans to flog them off on eBay and BTW, RM50M each is the price for new. Nowadays you can get them from eBay for less than RM100k. So it is not true that we lost RM100M worth of equipment. What was *missing* however are the documentations from PayPal about the sale, so we have our hush-hush military Polis looking into this. The matter does not arise, and anyone else commenting about this may be liable to OSA action."

by Thiru - 4 hours ago
Every media statement now days ends with 1Malaysia concept...good branding and marketing...blowing trumpet but no songs...

by Dr. Jacob George - 4 hours ago
Only an absolute idiot will make a statement like this! There has been a multi million ringgit theft and many similar such thefts earlier in other areas! Ahmad Mazlan should go and do some homework not recycle old fairy tale excuses or worse create diversions! If not - be a man - have the courage to resign! No wonder we are not moving forward as a nation!

by tan hong kiet - 4 hours ago
Need more time to cook up another story to cover the trecherous fiasco. Common mr. minister, this is the information age. you can't hide anymore. 10-20 years ago you can fool the rakyat but not now.

by kaysee - 4 hours ago
They are probably negotiating to buy back the engines from Argentina. Then it would be spun as "the engines are sent there for repairs" or something along those lines. Whatever the spin, do not waste more taxpayers money please.

by Jamin - 5 hours ago
Aiyah, cakap cakap saja dan berikut dengan lebih cakap cakap. Apa yang rakyat perlu ialah cekap cekap. What is there to explain? 2 missing fighter jet engines! It is no joke or a small matter that can vanish. The culprits (real ones) involved in this fiasco must be bought to book to allay the fears and distrust of the general public to BN's poor poor governance. Any thing lesser is another white wash.

by rhi - 5 hours ago
"We will reply to criticism the opposition who had used the missing jet engines and other issues to confuse the people" so said Ahmad Maslan.Mind you this is the lame excuse BN goons used to actually CONFUSED the people and in Malaysia Bolihland country the opposition parties are considered as THREAT and the real TRAITORS are not.

by Amaso - 6 hours ago
Henry Basil, thanks for enlightening me and others, you have made us realise that ya betul lah - BN component parties have been silent on this serious issue. Not even a word from MCA Ong Tee Keat (nickname Big Mouth), MIC Semivalue (nickname I've not been informed), Gerakan's Koh Tsu Koon (nickname Mr.Good). It shows that UMNO is the boss in BN, others are servants to protect their rice bowls, not people interest and welfare. BN is a bunch of white collar thiefs. Kick BN out.

by Mythots - 6 hours ago
It is a confirmed fact that the jet engines were stolen from the TUDM base. Who else is repsonsible, besides the perperators of this theft? Why was this not revealed earlier to the people? Why didn't the Auditor-General's last report include this item missing in its audit? Why was a police report not lodged as soon as it was discovered missing? Why is it taking so long for the police to investigate and bring to book those involved? So many questions but sadly not enough answers. What is the protocol for such a situation and what action is being taken in the recovery of the 2 stolen engines? Don't expect the people to provide the answers, this is the job of the government, that we elected. A blunder took place, and it is time to answer the questions the rakyat is asking.

by Henry Basil a/l S Joseph Xavier - 6 hours ago
I am yet to hear a comment from any of the other component parties in BN. This is proof that all the chinese,indians,ibans,dayaks,kadasans,etc who are members of BN are comfortable with the missing jet engine,which translates to endorsing corruption.This is why all these corruption continues unabated and the time is right to stem out BN as it is corrupt.Malaysians, whether you are malay,chinese,indian,others speak up and reject corruption by voting opposition at any by election or next GE.

by yobama - 7 hours ago
"We will reply to criticisms from the opposition who had used the missing jet engines and other issues to confuse the people. ============================================ We are not that easily confused, lah, Oh Minister. We Malaysians have well developed brains that Allah has given us. So don't give lame excuses that the opposition is trying to confuse us. Please accept responsibility for the loss and get the releavnt minister to resign immediately for the shoddy performance. Ironically, the same man is trying to peddle 'performance now' slogan to the people whom he had betrayed. The sheer folly of it all! Malaysia Boloh!

by mark chin - 7 hours ago
.....the missing jet engines, PKFZ scam, missing PI, death of TBH, the extension of APs to 2015, the Perak takeover, the sodomy charge of DSAI etc etc and of course the 1 Malaysia...yes Minister, Malaysians are all very confused.

by Tan Teng Wah - 7 hours ago
Does 'all' means the true story in full? Nowadays, we are somehow less inclined to believe what the government says. Then comes the remedial actions. We have seen the government dragging its feet on RCI findings. Where are the the transparency and accountability?

by nil - 7 hours ago
Whatever the explainations, the fact remains that two jet engines worth RM millions were found to be missing under the noses of the big brass.....they were lost, and later found sold, and this was acknowledged. Don't confuse the people anymore.

by kgan - 7 hours ago
Why next month? Haven't you had enough time to prepare your lies?

by cala - 8 hours ago
Sivananthan Kanapathipillay. I read from Sin Chew a few days ago that the current going rate in the market for that model of jet engine is RM 10 million per unit. I wonder where is the figure of RM 50 million coming from. Do you want to check it up from google?

by Artchan - 8 hours ago
Ahmad Maslan...or whatever your name is. I am NOT CONFUSED. I am damn sure the engines were lost under Najib's watch. Just in case you could be confused, a jet engine is BIG...not something you can put in your underpants and walk out with it.

by Lin Wen quan - 8 hours ago
I am not going to be excited by whatever BN is going to explain about their sins of omission, least of all the stolen jet engines. It will be more of the same crap they dish to us everytime something screws up. They are working feverishly to spin a tall tale hoping the people will swallow it hook, line and sinker. Please wake up....we are not stupid like you blokes. I can almost predict the line.....some RMAF kuching kurap stole the engines.....falsified the paper work...abetted by some airport workers....and voila the fat cats culprits get away scotch-free to enjoy the 100 million!

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