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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nazri Abdul Aziz now a good man?

I used to consider Nazri Abdul Aziz, a dim wit who have a habit of making ridiculous statements and who as a lawyer and politician don't know the meaning of separation of power (he as defacto Minister of Law in the said that he is then Chief Justice, Tan Sri Ahmad Fairuz's Minister (separation of power demands the Judiciary should be independent of the Executive means Nazri cannot be boss (Minister) of Ahmad Fairuz).

However, Nazri now seem to be talking sense when he said "Malay supremacy, which is feudalistic in nature and not in line with uniting all the races as Malaysians" (Nazri lashes out at Malay supremacy advocates and lashed out at Malays and groups that scream Malay Supremacy, saying for political mileage and self interest.

Come on Nazri, more of the same (talking sense) please.

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