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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ridhuan Tee and bumiputera wannabe

arsehole Ridhuan Tee Abdullah 1
arsehole Ridhuan Tee Abdullah 2

Want to know what Malaysians including Malaysians of Malay origin thinks of this arsehole Malay wannabe? Read the comments by Malaysians in Helen Ang's Malasiakini: Ridhuan Tee and bumiputera wannabe (commentators' names changed for privacy):

by TF - 3 hours ago
There's still the pig shit in his blood afterall his lineage is Chinese. Dr? MY FOOT! Pariah is more apt......Pariah Tea!

by P.DAP - 3 hours ago
All one needs to do to win over the Malays is to convert to Islam, have a Malay name, start speaking impeccable Malay and act according to their customs and walla! one can be one of them. But what the Malays forget is that these kind of individuals will do the same if some other race is in power. Therefore simply put, they are nothing but opportunist. If the Malays support this kind of individuals, who are just too shy to admit their roots, then it will be a detriment to the advancement of the Malays because all it would take for the non is to convert and he can then even become the PM because he would then have that ever so important "bin" in his name. Just think of what would happen to the Malays if the Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Nepalis, Africans and all other who are not of Malay race do the same? The malays will eventually go back to square one " iaitu balik ke dalam belunggu penjajah". That is the reason why Malaysia is a haven to many but as usual we the locals don't realize it.

by A - 3 hours ago
I am an educationist and its a sheer pity that learned people like Dr. Tee giving a biased comment about race and religion. When I was trained to be a educationist, my lecturers were malays as well as non malays and in each lectures, we were reminded that our duty as an educator is to impart knowledge without any reference to colour or religion. Here we have a "PhD scholar" uttering nothing but garbage. And not only that, he is kicking the very ladder he came into the world - that is as a chinese. Perhaps in Malaysia we can accept criticisms levelled against the non muslims but not the other way round. And interestingly, in my years as an educator, I always find the converts barking more of their conversations be it among the muslims or the christians. Perhaps Dr.Tee will be applauded among the Malays but you are still a chinese by birth. May Allah guide and show you the rightful path of spreading harmony and tolerance among the humans. Grow up Dr.Tee.

by PHCH - 4 hours ago

by LTW - 5 hours ago
Who is this Ridhuan Tee ? Why need to care what he says or writes ?

by w - 5 hours ago
[Chinese boys and girls have become inseparable from the economic functions of pirated DVD trading....] With better-than-DVD high definition pirated movies which can be easily downloaded and exchanged among friends and the proliferation of cheap high density hard disks, even this will not longer be true if it had not already happened.

by d - 5 hours ago
This sick guy obvious is an extremist !

by tired - 5 hours ago
u said "the special position of the Malay is respected". a one-liner on this important aspect of the discussion is barely sufficient. why don't u elaborate on this special position vis-a-vis the constitution, in what way it is being respected and whether the non-malays are aware that the malays have some certain rights. this is important because some malays think this special position is being threatened by non-malays who are pushing for equality.

by Y - 5 hours ago
Ridhuan Tee has to be more Malay than a Malay to be accepted as "one of them". He doesn't grasp the concept of being "one of us". Us, as in Malaysians. But frankly, he is deluded to think that Malays accept him. He's being used as a pawn in the overall scheme of things. Just that he's not aware of it yet.

by T - 5 hours ago
This guy Ridhuan will make the perfect mascot for Najib's 1 Malaysia campaign for he represents all the hypocrisy, ignorance, delusion and arrogance associated with this farce camouflaged as a vision to unite Malaysians.

by T - 5 hours ago
This guy (I can't even mention his name) is full venoms and he's an educationalist? God help our children. He seems to think that being Chinese is a disease or something, forgetting that he's one. What a despicable character, trying to kiss the Malays' feet like they needed him. Malays should steer clear of characters like him. He will only bring them bad karma and his gutter.

by k - 6 hours ago
Terms like Ketuanan Melayu, Malay special rights, Bumiputra and social contract are unknown at independence and not found in the constitution. They were invented by Umno politicians in the 1980's to justify their racist implementation of the NEP. With the shrinking non-Malay population there will be another classification in future - Umnoputra - to distinguish bumiputras who are more privileged than others.


Anonymous said...

Lebih Melayu dari aku pulak mualaf ni !

Anonymous said...

These type of species just like mamak. MCA should remember forever. Don't let this RTD traitor to join MCA. He will surely betray Chinese and particularly MCA.
When become leader, he will surely destroy MCA from within. Then, it will be to late for MCA to escape from disaster.