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Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Time theft in Felda - Tan Kee Kwong

Here is an urgent letter from Dr. Tan Kee Kwong, son of the late highly respected Tan Sri Dr. Chee Koon, one rare Tan Sri who really deserved his honorary title. He has openly accused Najib Abdul Razak of grand theft in a letter the content of which I hope you will help spread to help make the citizens of Malaysia the colossal rape of our country under the despicable UMNO BN:

Date: Sunday, 6 June, 2010, 9:23 PM
Written by Dr. Tan Kee Kwong

Dear Sir

I write this letter with a very heavy heart. Just to put things in perspective. Finally after much soul searching I joined Keadilan in August 2008.

From 1999 to 2004 I was Barisan National Deputy Minister of Land and Cooperatives. My Minister Tan Sri Kasitah Gadam put me in charge of answering questions in Parliament regarding all Felda matters. In 2004, before Najib began meddling in Felda affairs. Felda was the pride of the oilpalm industry. It had 75 oil palm mills, assets of RM 7 Billion and a cash hoard of RM 4.5 Billion.

What I just heard upset me so much. I publicly accuse Najib of single handed destroying Felda! As of now out of the huge cash hoard of RM 4.5 Billion, only RM 200 Million is left. In actual fact with the record price of CPO for the past few years, Felda if managed properly should have cash reserves of RM 6 Billion! The reverse has happened and now it has only a pathetic sum left.

When Najib became Deputy Prime Minister, he put himself in charge of Felda. He gave the lame excuse that his late father Tun Razak started Felda, he should continue the family tradition of looking after Felda. In fact if the late Tun Razak khows what Najib has done to Felda , Tun Razak will turn in his grave. The same goes for the former Chairman of Felda, Tan Sri Raja Alias. Tan Sri Raja Alias did a excellent job in looking after Felda. The real reason why a very busy Deputy Prime Minister wants to micro manage Felda is now very clear, he wanted to have access to the huge cash hoard of Felda. What took 40 long years to build up Najib destroyed it in 5 short years.

On another note, I just heard on NTV 7 news that the BN government is going to buy 3 special ships for our Navy costing RM 2.2 Billion! Just a few days ago Dato Idris Jala announced that if we do not watch out, we will be like Greece in 9 years time. If things are so bad how can the Government justify spending so much money to buy ships, Money that Dato Idris Jala says we do not have.

So it is very clear that the Pakatan Rakyat MUST take over the Federal Governmentin Putrajaya in the next General Election. This is our priority to save the country. If the Pakatan takes over in 20 years time it will be too late, the country will really be bankrupt. So fellow Malaysians open your eyes to see how this country is destroyed by the greedy and corrupt politicains from UMNO/BN. Kick them out of Putrajaya! Register as a voter now!


Jawatan Kosong said...

thanks for sharing

Alitstar said...

It is also disheartening that despite 50 years of NEP, poverty has yet to be eradicated. The funds are being used for something else and they leave many Malays left in poor state just to show justification that NEP should stay. This is ripping off the majority Malays by using the Malays themselves as a bait to support NEP.

UMNO/BN is screwing their own kind, how greedy can one be. How can they sleep at night – knowing that you have deliberately let people suffer day-in day-out without shelter, food, medical assistance and basic education?

The poor Malays dont read papers or watch TV, they simply can not afford. But they are thankful when during Raya or before election you give the RM 100.00 + cheap Kuih-Muih