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Monday, June 21, 2010

Rosmah ad sponsor has something to hide

Someone or some party paid a lot of money for an advertisement in the New York Times (NYT) congratulating Rosmah, Najib's wife being awarded with a suspiciously obscure "International Peace and Harmony Award" by the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU), The cost of such advertisements ranges from US$180,000 to US$230,000 which converts to between RM580,000 and RM740,000 for a one-page ad.

However, everyone involved are evasive which points to them having something to hide and suggest guilt. The Nut Graph in Business council mum over Rosmah ad described how they try to uncover the true picture but met with people giving vague answers and not responding to clarifications.

After Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced in Parliament that BCIU was the organisation that placed the ad, another e-mail to Peter J Tichansky asked him to confirm who had actually paid for the award. This too met with no response.

A very reasonable query to Tichansky about when the obscure award was conceived and the criteria used in conceptualising the award, who were the other nominees and what qualified Rosmah for the award.

The New York Times too were evasive, again pointing to them hiding something. Initially NYT told The Nut Graph that the ad was placed by an ad agency on behalf of the Malaysian Government. This was announced by its Executive director for community affairs and media relations, Diane McNutty. They later retracted that and then claimed that it was a mistake but could not explain how such a high placed person as the director could make such a mistake.

All this point to someone, probably the Malaysian government or its croonies having spend a lot of money on a useless award and expensive advertisement to the detriment of the public. One more big fat reason why the BN should be kicked out from Putrajaya.

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