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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Celebrate Malaysia Day: Sape Tour at Pasar Seni

Malaysia Day Sape Tour

Halo friends in Penang & KL,

How about meeting a Penan musician on Malaysia Day?

You may have heard in the media, something of the Penans being bullied while defending their rainforests, and not sure why they are adamant to stick to their nomadic lifestyles while almost everyone else rush mindlessly towards the modern world. There is something about them which refuse to go away. But how to find out more about them-they seems so fa...r away? Hey, Here is a golden opportunity: How about meeting a talented Penan musician here in Penang and KL for a Malaysia Day celebration? Get to know first hand what it is about leading a least impacting lifestyle in Sarawak's world renown rainforest? Nothing beat face-to-face encounter if you are not satisfied to keep the Penans as an enigma! Remember: Penans are also also our fellow Malaysians, who could one day, who knows, be our friends next door!

Kilah Kuit is a leading Penan sape player from Murum, now living in Sg Asap, Belaga. He has been noted for his musical talent in Belaga from young. He has been invited to play his electric sape for various functions such as new year, welcoming parties, festivals, and even funerals. His expertise in playing the unique musical instrument from the Orang Ulu of Sarawak has made him a much sought after partner for many other well known local sape players in Sg Asap, Belaga. Sape is best played as a duet performance, according to local experts. For this trip he will partner with Miku Loyang, the president of the Kayan Cultural Association, to present his captivating jazzy compositions!

Come to meet this best kept secret from the Borneo rainforest. Find out what is in the music that can keep up the spirit of these special community-many of whom are still leading an endangered forest dwelling lifestyle! Official figures put their number at 16 000, about the smallest ethnic group in Sarawak.

Another partner in the Sape group performance is Juna Saran, wife of Miku Loyang, who has consented to perform her special Ngajat dance for the Penisular audiences.

Malaysia Day will be celebrated for the first time as a national holiday on Sept 16th this year.

When & where?

Sept 15th, 8.00pm, in Soundmaker, Penang(62 Weld Quay, roof top) &

Sept 16th, 8.00pm, in Central Market Annex, KL.

Exhibitions: On Bakun Dam and 1st Anniversary of Sarawak Road Shows,
plus mini-film fest on Sarawak from 3.00pm at both locations. More
details to come!

Enq. 013-5900339( Ong), 016-4458980( Cheong) -Penang;
019-6838397( Yeoh), 016-2530424( Liew)-KL

If you cannot express yourself you are already behind bars - Mbana Kaitako

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