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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chief Justice Zaki Azmi dare not comment on complaint against himself

There is something rotten in Malaysia, and it is the Judiciary. Look at the face of its Chief Justice on being asked to comment on a complaint filed by Karpal Singh against him in August under the Judges' Code of Ethics Act, 2009 and the Judges' Ethics Committee Act, 2009 (photos extracted from video tape 6:25):

Zaki Azmi Chief Justice cry on hearing Karpal Singh's name
Chief Justice grimace on being remined of his corruption admission

We have a Chief Justice who allergly admitted to bribing court official with a tape of his bribery admission handed to the King in February this year. Till now, nothing was done, no enquiry or investigation, no denial nor any effort to clear his name.

Karpal Singh further filed a complaint against Zaki Azmi last month claiming Zaki Ahmad had a "defect in character" warranting disciplinary action under the Acts. The complaint was hand delivered to the Chief Justice's office on September 24 and here on being asked to confirm he had received the complaint, he grimaced and immediately clamped up saying "No comment. I do not want to enter into the political arena."

Hey this is no politics! It is about the integrity of the highest office of the Judiciary in which every Malaysians have a stake. His refusal to comment on the matter plus his demeanor is likely an admission of guilt.

Listen to the videotape of Zaki Azmi bragging about how quick the cases in the courts are being disposed of but looked so frightened upon being asked that embarassing question by the reporter. That embarassing moment is at 6:25 minute of the 6:28 minute long video:

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