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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Citizens of Malaysia - please pray for the nation

The URL of this blog is Why? Because prior March 2008, it was perceived that UMNO/BN is so entranched that with so many tantacles aroung very crucial institutions like Election Commission, Anti-Corruption Agency, PDRM, civil service, the UMNO/BN complex will be next to impossible to dislodge that it may need the intervention of God's intervention.

From the look of things, the 13th General Election will soon be upon us and this time UMNO/BN will be much better prepared that March 08 plus I believe there will be even more cheating, official as well as unofficial and this round it may be an even tougher struggle.

So now that Nik Azmi has requested for Malaysians to pray, I hope all Malaysians will pray along with Nik Azmi for the welbeing of the nation and wisdom of our leaders on both side of the divide:

Let us pray ... — Nik Azmi
October 23, 2010
OCT 23 — Citizens of Malaysia.

Let us all pray over the weekend, regardless of your religious beliefs, for the following:

1. That our PM Najib and his government finally see sense and realise what is truly good and bad for the country, regardless of what his advisers, who may have personal interests, say.

2. The the leadership in Pakatan Rakyat also sense and practice the same and the term WAKIL RAKYAT is truly practiced by both sides of the political divide; to serve the RAKYAT and not any selfish political or personal interests.

3. That there will be true unity among The RAKYAT of Malaysia, internally and nationally.

4. That the RAKYAT FIRST slogan is practiced and not just a slogan.

5. That 1 Malaysia is truly ONE, without any bias or unfair practices, and not just another slogan.

6. That all races throw away all their chauvinistic traits and adhere to the constitution.

7. That all shortcomings are realised and attended to jointly, regardless of political parties affiliation, for the sake of the RAKYAT.

8. That a NATIONAL RECONCILIATION COUNCIL (NRC) be put in place to review, revamp and reconstruct any flaws in our system such as in Education, Constitution, Judiciary, Administration and other aspects of government. The membership MUST include everyone from the political, racial and religious divide

9. PM Najib to take a look back into his history and see what his father did and the calibre and integrity of the people advising his father to forge the country forward after the unwanted May 13 incident.

10. Let politics take a back seat for now till the next general election and let the NRC under the leadership of a wise statesman do its job and advise sincerely and faithfully PM Najib and his government, to steer Malaysia to GREATNESS again.


* Nik Azmi reads The Malaysian Insider.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified.

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