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Monday, October 18, 2010

Most important reform: just independent judiciary

Because of decades of power abuses and wanton corruptions by unrepentent UMNO/BN, Malaysia urgently need reforms, but the one of the most important reform is the tainted judiciary. The Judiciary is the Last Bastion of Hope and Justice especially if our rights are trampled upon by the executive and its croonies and we need to seek justice from the courts and judges.

Just look at how Anwar is denied access to his accuser Saiful Bukhari's police statement. When one is accused of a crime, how can the accused be denied such crucial information in order to defend oneself? Imagine if you are the one who stand accused in the dock and you are unable to get whatever needed to enable you to defend yourself. Do you want to face such a desperate situation? I hope not.

Please Malaysians, do whatever you can to remove the unrepentant UMNO/BN from the seat of power in Putrajaya and help start this process of reforms, the birth of a counter-balancing 2 party/coalition system and truly free and fair elections which are only possible if you help put Pakatan Rakyat as the next federal government to initiate the process.

If you are unable to do more, at the very least do ensure you register as a voter and vote or if you are already a registered voter, participate in this voter-get-voter and get at least one eligible voter to register at the nearest post office plus verify you are still registered and check your voter registration also registered where you want to vote.

Appeal to get Saiful's statement dismissed
Hafiz Yatim
Oct 18, 10
The Federal Court today dismissed Anwar Ibrahim's appeal to obtain Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's witness statement which was recorded by the police.

Today's decision comes after the apex court had earlier allowed the acceptance of a two-page broad reasons by the Court of Appeal as a basis in hearing the leave application.

In a unanimous decision, the apex court led by Chief Judge of Malaya, Arifin Zakaria, ruled that the High Court ruling was not within the definition of a decision.

“It does not dispose of the rights of the appellant. Hence, the application before us is dismissed.”

Arifin agreed with the Court of Appeal judges that it is not a final order and could be raised when the trial ends.

The other judges sitting with Arifin were Justices James Foong and Md Raus Sharif.

The sodomy charge against Anwar, faces a historic contradiction when complainant and star witness Saiful alleged the June 26,2008, Desa Damansara condominium incident was non-consensual.

Despite this, the Permatang Pauh MP was charged under Section 377b of the Penal Code with consensual carnal intercourse.

Just last Thursday the Kuala Lumpur Hospital forensic pathologist, Dr Siew Sheue Feng, told the High Court that Saiful had told the doctors the alleged sodomy incident was done without force.

On May 11, High Court judge Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah dismissed lead counsel Karpal Singh's application to have a copy of Saiful's witness statement.

The decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal which only provided the broad reasons of its decision rather than the lengthy detailed written grounds of judgment which under normal circumstances may run in excess of 20 pages.

Source: Appeal to get Saiful's statement dismissed

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