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Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Malaysian Essays 3 including "How to demonstrate creatively"

Here is a collection of essays by Malaysians for Malaysians, especially those yearning for badly needed reforms. The 5 essays are:

1. How to Demonstrate Creatively: A Manual of Innovative
Civil Disobedience in Malaysia page 8
Wong Chin Huat
2. An Empty Canvas on Which Many Shadows Have Already Fallen 23
Simon Soon
3. Queer Ways: An Un-straight Survey of the Direction of Malaysian page 40
Popular Culture and Fashion
Clarissa Lee
4. Uwang Asli Moden | Orang Asli Moden page 59
Mor Ajani
5. Amongst the Exiles: Reflections of a Refugee Lawyer page 79
Sumitra Visvanathan

New Malaysian Essays 3

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