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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is outgoing Selangor State Secretary a liar?

In the controversies over the appointment of Mohd Khusrin Munawi as the Selangor State Secretary which no one wants, the outgoing State Secretary Ramli Mahmud has come out to claim that the Selangor Menteri Besar had been informed which the MB and his aid Faekah denied.

Apparently Ramli had keep quiet about Khusrin even though he had attended 5 meetings - two state exco meetings, two state economic action council meetings and a function held to fete his retirement in March this year.

So who should we believe? Based on what had been happening around here in Malaysia and with the credibility and integrity of so many key figures and institutions perceived by the Malaysian public to be so low and impaired by UMNO/BN, no need to ask who is right in the court of public opinions.The article below is courtesy of  Malaysiakini: MB’s aide Faekah rebuts ex-SS’s assertions

MB's aide rebuts ex-SS's assertions

Contrary assertions otherwise, outgoing state secretary Ramli Mahmud kept the Selangor menteri besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim about the candidature and appointment of his replacement, Mohd Khusrin Munawi, for almost two weeks.

NONEThis despite having attended two state exco meetings, two state economic action council meetings and a function held to fete his retirement in March this year during which he could have informed Khalid or his excos of the decision.
“In these five meetings, Ramli never mentioned that the ruler (Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah) had acceded to (the appointment of) Khusrin,” said Khalid's political secretary Faekah Hussin (above).

NONEShe said this in a statement responding to assertions by Ramli (right) and the federal government's chief secretary Mohd Sidek Hassan that the Selangor government had been informed of Khusrin's appointment.
Reiterating the chronology of events according to the state government, Faekah noted that it had been established practice for the federal-level Public Service Commission (SPA) to send the list of qualified candidates (Grade 54 and above) for the post to the menteri besar.
The menteri besar would then select the candidate or candidates and submit the list to the sultan.
After acceding to the names shortlisted, the MB would surrender the list back to SPA for documentation purposes.
“The contrary happened when the chief secretary sent the names straight to the sultan through Ramli (in a Dec 3 letter).

"This clearly was done against procedure, sidestepping the menteri besar, in an non-transparent manner and unprofessionally,” said Faekah.

Ramli, on his part, did not inform the MB, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, that he had received from the SPA the names of the three short-listed candidates in the Dec 3 letter.
It was only on Dec 21 - after the MB had on Dec 17 written to the ruler informing him of the candidates for the post of state secretary and requesting a royal audience to discuss the matter - that the MB was informed Khusrin had already recieved the sultan's blessings to be appointed.
This was done through the sultan's secretary Munir Bani who had sent a letter to the MB's private secretary with an attached letter dated Dec 10 that been written to Ramli.
Chief secretary Sidek had said the expectation was that the Ramli, as the state government's chief of staff, would inform the MB. Ramli did not.
Ramli, in his defence, yesterday said he was told the MB had already been informed.
NONEFurthermore, said Ramli, he had not told the excos about the sultan's letter consenting to Khusrin's appointment as he assumed the matter was embargoed though it had already been officially intimated to the MB.
Faekah, however, said both the chief secretary and the outgoing state secretary's statements are “clearly” wrong.
“There was no letter, either from the chief secretary or Ramli,” she said.

Rather than prolonging the debacle surrounding Ramli and his replacement Khusrin, federal government agencies can ensure a resolution of the issue only by making honesty and professionalism the basis of its relations with the Pakatan Rakyat-held Selangor government.
As such, there is no need for BN-led federal government agencies and its spokesperson to continue peddling such lines as that claiming that Khalid was late in submitting the names of shortlisted candidates for the position of state secretary.
The Selangor government wishes to administer the state professionally and effectively “without being motivated to play political games in the issue of administration or to politicise certain issues”, said Faekah.
“For this reason, when facts have been distorted and made to contradict the available evidence, it becomes the responsibility of the MB to clarify.
NONE“It is abundantly clear that the act of the federal government in appointing the state secretary without consulting with the menteri besar is an act of political sabotage. It is such arbitrary acts that caused confusion and led to the problem we have today,” said Faekah.
Faekah also praised the sultan for his statement on Jan 6 that she said reflected his sincerity when he alluded to certain quartersmanipulating his statements and causing confusion among the people.
“The Selangor government is ready to work with any party that is sincere in struggling to fulfill the welfare of the people.
“If the federal government had respected the spirit of federalism and udnerstand the wishes of the people who had chosen the government of Selangor of today, surely they would not have chosen a state secretary without consulting with the MB that the people had chosen.
“The MB hopes the chief secretary and the SPA generally is able to work together to settle the matter soon. No need to prolonge the issue by raising other claims, such as that the MB was late in submitting names, and so on.
“The MB believes that by activing professionally and sincerely, this issue can be resolved.”

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