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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Perkasa using unethical recruitment (and who is providing financial support?

Perkasa has hit upon an unethical method of recruiting members from among the youth and they seem to have the both the support of the authorities as well as finance.

At their so called “Malaysian Woodstock”, visitors are encouraged to apply for membership of MUSC Motorsports, but what the applicants are unaware of is that that includes an automatic application for membership of Perkasa.

Further, the cost for organizing the event is said to be substantial. So who is financing them?

Article below courtesy of Malaysiakini: Perkasa recruiting at National Scooter Meet

Perkasa 'recruiting' at National Scooter Meet

Hazlan Zakaria
Jan 9, 11


Malay rights NGO Perkasa is actively registering new recruits in a motor show it is jointly organising with sports promoter MUSC Motorsports from Friday to today at the Stadium Putra carpark in Bukit Jalil.
"We registered 300 on the first day, 12,763 yesterday and aim to get 10,000 more new sign-ups today.NONE We also registered 280 scooter and motor racing clubs as 'Friends of Perkasa'. We will cooperate with them in future events," said Perkasa Youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah (left) to Malaysiakini when met during the event.
The event dubbed the 'Perhimpunan Wira Negara Revolusi', which some in Perkasa termed as its version of the legendary Woodstock music festival of the Sixties, is a three-day event filled with drag-races, concerts and skating competitions.
The event is held concurrently with the 11th National Scooter Meet, also organised by MUSC.
"We teamed up with them because they have the network," Arman explained.
An MUSC official at the event confirmed that this year they are holding the event in conjunction with Perkasa Youth.
NONEDuring the event, those who attend are encouraged to register at the NGO's booth where they had to give their name and IC numbers.
Those who register stand to win a new Naza scooter in a lucky draw. The youth chief reasoned that they needed the name and IC number to be sure that a person claiming the prize is the real deal.
Arman explained that those who register at MUSC booth are automatically submitting a membership application to the Perkasa as well.
However not many of them seemed aware or cared about Perkasa's involvement in the event.
Most of them were motor sports enthusiasts who revelled in the bevy of scooters and other two wheeled motor vehicles ranging from Harley Davidsons, vintage bikes and scooters.
But this is apparently acceptable to the NGO which spent massively to stage the event, including providing manpower for the event with Perkasa Youth members doffing their tall songkoks and uniform shirts for black t-shirts, fake tattoos and caps.
According to Arman, this is a low key approach to hook the youth to his organisation before they can talk to them on more serious matters.
"This is how we approach them, we cannot straightaway indoctrinate them. We have to show them that we listen and will see to their needs."
He said that these groups which represent a significant portion of the voting public has been marginalised and left out by most political parties and NGOs.
NONE"We want them to know that there is an NGO that cares about them and will fight for them, I told them that I will be their voice. If there is anything they need, we will fight for them."
When asked, Arman also admitted that the reason the youth are important is also because they are voters.
"In fact 7,000 of those who registered with us yesterday are registered voters," he said.
Nowhere to race
Arman added that one issue in particular that the motor sports enthusiasts told him is the lack of places to hold races which forced them to hold it illegally.
He contended that if they are allowed to make use of abandoned Youth and Sports Ministry sports facilities at Bukit Kiara for example, they can solve the issue of illegal races.
"KL police chief Zakaria Pagan himself called me today and said that there is no illegal races in the city last night, because all the 'Mat Rempits' are here.
"All we need to do is give them the venue," he reasoned.

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