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Saturday, January 15, 2011

UMNO sponsored Umi Hafilda's press conference? Your verdict

Previouw post asked: Umi Hafilda or Azmin Ali: Who would you believe?. Now there are more things to chew over for a conclusion.

According to a Puchong PKR member who attended the event expressed surprise at how the whole press conference:

"There were so many Umno members that the whole event was suspicious. Also, they outnumbered the reporters."

"It was the Umno members who were shooting her with questions… this is something unusual."

"Even the questions were not the kind the reporters would ask. One question posed was: why did Anwar go to Azmin Ali’s house to bathe his daughter Afifa? Malaysian reporters don’t ask such unethical questions."

"Every time Ummi Hafilda attacked Anwar and Wan Azizah, the Umno boys shouted and cheered like it was all a big Umno party."

"Ummi Hafilda also failed to describe the kind of suits she would file against Anwar and his team."

So looks like the conclusion is pretty straitht forward isn't it?

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