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Monday, April 6, 2015

Aidana Baizieva, Semanyih helicopter crash, missing link

Since the unfortunate helicopter crash at Semenyih that resulted in the untimely death of the late Rompin MP Jamaluddin Jarjis and 5 others, many had been wondering who the late Aidana Baizieva was.

Till now that is. The late Aidan Baizieva was a Kazakhstan citizen as confirmed by Kyrgyzstan embassy and her remains were claimed by mystery woman who arrived at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary with a Toyota Vios with a man believed to be a representative from the Kazakhstan embassy (source: The Malaysian Insider).

As the helicopter were carrying 6 passengers and pilot from Najib's daughter and son-in-law reception in Pekan, could Aidana Baizieva be also related to Najib's new son-in-law Daniyar Nazarbayev? (source: Free Malaysia Today: Najib’s future son-in-law a ‘conman’?).

Update 4.15pm 6 April 2015: The Malaysian Insider says identity of last victim Aidana Baizieva yet to be confirmed.

Update 2, 7.50pm 6 April 2015: Malaysiakini reported Aidana Baizieva to be a staff of the helicopter company, Cempaka Aviation Sdn. Bhd. on behalf of IGB Corporation.

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