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Thursday, April 16, 2015

How the British scrapped their Sedition laws

Malaysia currently is actively debating the amendments to the Sedition Act which many will agree is draconian. And today, Malaysiakini has again published a free article so even non-subscribers can read. The article is How the British scrapped their Sedition laws

Extract: This was where it was first established that for the crime of sedition, truth was no defence and intention was irrelevant as was whether there was any actual harm done, which is still the cornerstone of the principles of sedition in modern day Malaysia 409 years later today.

The Sedition Act is worded so vaguely that almost anything can be termed seditous. The person accused of sedition may be stating the truth as you can see in the extract above. No harm may have been done, but that too is irrelevant.

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