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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Candlelight Vigil abolish ISA Penang GMI

Message from GMI (Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA or Abolish ISA Movement):

The ISA has been an oppressive tool to silence the voices of justice and those who put their lives at stake to make Malaysia a better place.

It is time we say no to ISA for good. We condemn any act to vilify the citizens of this country. At present there are about 72 people held under ISA without trials. We are going to send letters, postcards and Raya cards for the detainees.

If you would like to send messages (Raya card, postcard or letter) to the detainees you can always come over and show your support.

Our actions will surely define whether it is a dawn or another pit of endless darkness, for the detainees and other Malaysians who rise up to defend what is right and just.

GMI will organise candle light vigil every week on Friday from 19 September 2008 to 17 October 2008, the schedule is as below:

Date: Friday 19/9/08
Time: 9.30pm
Event: Candle Light Vigil
Venue: In front of Dewan Sri Penang

The Candlelight vigil will be repeated at the following dates and time, all in front of Dewan Sri Penang:

Date: Friday 26/9/08
Time: 9.30pm

Date: Friday 3/10/08
Time: 9.00pm

Date: Friday 10/10/08
Time: 9.00pm

Date: Friday 17/10/08
Time: 9.00pm

for further information, please contact
Lau Shu Shi 012-8756179
suarampg@gmail. com

Location map of Dewan Sri Penang (click map to enlarge):

Landmark: Dewan Sri Penang is opposite Bank Negara Penang
location map Dewan Sri Penang
Map curtesy of
Bank Negara Penang Bank Negara Penang

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