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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hindraf Abolish ISA candlelight vigil - guns versus candles

Guns versus candles. Riot police with vicious batons and shields versus 2,000 peaceful demonstrators. Malaysians against the ISA (Internal Security Act) which allows detention without trial showed that they are not cowed by guns, batons and shields and held a peaceful candlelight vigil cum march through the streets of bustling Kuala Lumpur. Even an LRT (Light Rail Transit) train overhead slowed down to watch the demonstrators who were shouting various slogans such as "Mansuhkan ISA" (Abolish ISA), Hindraf Valga (Long Live Hindraf), Free RPK (Raja Petra Kamaruddin).

Demonstrators slowly moving from junction of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Tun Perak towards Pudu Raya and the Hindu temple:

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Mr. X said...

Kiss ourselves to reject ISA ...