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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Abdullah Badawi should do

A comment left by Edmund Burke threw light as to what PM Abdullah Badawi should do in light of recent developments and is reproduced in full below:

Dear Malaysian Readers,

As many of you may not know 600 years of British Parliamentary system on which we are based, let me clarify the salient points:

1] the Leader of the Opposition claims to have a Majority of the MPs in Dewan.

2] Pak Lah government must test the claim in Parliament NOW and immediately call for a sitting of Parliament for a Vote of Confidence [not no confidence].

3] if Pak Lah loses he has to resign forthwith.

4] If he refuses to accept the Claim of the Leader of the Opposition,then,

5] it is the RIGHT and Privilege of the Leader of the Opposition to DEMAND the resignation of Pak Lah in PUBLIC.

6] If Pak Lah still rejects, then, the Leader of the Oppostion has the Right an dPrivilge to call upon the Agong to form a New Government based on the Claims of the Leader of the Opposition.

7] If Pak Lah knows his Parliamentary Traditions, protocol, and practices, he simply tender the resignation of the UMNO Government ...

and test the new Government for a Vote of No Confidence.

[as it is now, the Speaker is also IGNORANT becoz NONE have the experience of 600 years of British System ]

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