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Friday, February 20, 2009

MACC Chief practicing double standards

Malaysia badly need a thorough spring cleaning of its many institutions and agencies. The Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission have ever since it was formed reeks of bias and double standards and one can safely say now "reform my foot":

Ahmad Said Hamdan rotting MACC Chief
Rotting MACC Chief photo courtesy of Malaysiakini

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. I am Sankara Nair, the lawyer for Yang Berhormat the Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. I have a press statement here. It is in respect of a statement by the MACC Chief today which was carried online. And I will read it from the text. As lawyer for Yang Berhomat Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, I deeply regret the release of the statement by the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) Chief Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan today where he is quoted as saying in theStar Online, I am taking theStar Online as the reference here, that there was strong evidence to show that the Selangor Menteri Besar misused his powers over the maintenance of his personal car and the distribution of 46 cows. It has been the norm in MACC practice, either to, not to make statement indicating or stating the culpability, meaning that someone did it or didn't do it, of a person who is being investigated, or at the end of the investigation.

In this particular case, the MACC have chosen to depart from the time honored norm and as such it clearly reeks of double standards. Why was the MACC Chief was non-committal when he completed the investigations of Tan Sri Musa Hassan, the IGP (Inspector General of Police) and Tan Sri Ghani Patil before. He didn't say a word about anything, whether there was evidence or no evidence. So that should have been the way this time as well. It is as such quite disturbing that the MACC has in this instance in respect of my client, being an opposition politician, is being singled out to look guilty in the eyes of the public before, even before he is charged or being convicted in court. Why did the MACC Chief prejudged the matter of the culpability of my client at this stage. That is the question we will like to know.

Let me read through it that the protocol on the decision to prosecute places a heavy burden on the persecution, and the mere stating the technicalities without the essential elements of criminal intent that certainly does not the standard before we proceed with persecution. I therefore urge the MACC to act professionally at all time and not to appear to be discriminatory. Thank you.

Now YB Teresa Kok will give her version.

The statement of the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission Chief on the ongoing investigation Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim appears to be politically motivated and smacks of double standards. The whole episode seem to be linked to the political situation in Perak where the Barisan Nasional is being frustrated by a political impasse of its own doing. The strong hints of action against Abdul Khalid also seemed to be linked to the revelation of Datuk Anwar Ibrahim who disclosed the unlawful tactics being used by the Barisan Nasional to coerce and induce the Pakatan Rakyat representatives to switch camp. The fact that the authorities concerned moved with such speed on what at most is a minor technical infraction leads one to wonder on the purported independence and fearlessness of the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission.

I am sure Malaysians are outraged by this turn of events and join me in condemning the use of Government agencies and personnel for political vendetta.

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim made a couple of police reports against them, and this was widely reported during the trial the sodomy case. There was clear indication even in the trial where we mentioned such report from me and we wanted swift and fast investigation. So that is what we were referring to. Allegations that the investigations when he was er er, where there was conspiracy that was allerged where Tan Sri Abdul Ghani and Musa Hassan conspired in the framing and the charges of Datuk Seri Anwar.

(in answer to reporter questions) earlier charges too.

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George Tan said...

The corrupted UMNO berbillion billion ringgit oso never probe. Few lembu-lembu kena MACC. Aisehman, don't take genius to know it is double standard la.

Strong evidence konon, walao, go check the off-shore accounts of all the UMNO goons la.