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Sunday, February 1, 2009

PLEASE Perak MB dissolve assembly and go for re-election

This is going to be OT (off topic) because I am not going to write about why I so desperately wants Perak MB to ask for audience with Sultan Azlan (highly respected former Chief Justice of Malaysia (or is it Lord President) to request for the Perak Assembly to be dissolved so that we can have a very exciting re-election in Perak. It is all in various blogs especially Raja Petra Kamarudin's Malaysia Today, a precious blog cum news aggregator (news portal), a very precious source of information. You get news that is so exciting that I hope I can sleep tonight. For all that plus what is going on in Perak, I leave it to you to go to blogs plus Malaysia Insider plus Malaysiakini (online newspaper worth every cent I paid for the subscription and more, and read it yourself. There is no way I can put it better than them. Don't bother about The Star, New Straits Times or the other MSM. Those are no newspaper. Those are wastepaper.

And last thing I leave with you before I go read the online news and blogs again. Who is that person with Najib, our future Prime Minister?

Syed Rahman and Najib Abdul Razak

If you want to know, go to EITHER YOU ARE WITH ME, OR YOU DIE (from RPK's Malaysia Today, so great a news portal cum blog that if RPK wants to charge subscription, I would pay. Don't miss. It is free.

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