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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ruling Malaysia a game? Khairy Jamaluddin

From an interview of Khairy Jamaluddin by Jacqueline Ann Surin and Shannon Shah of The Nut Graph:

TNG: Did you feel a sense of disappointment, maybe, that he (PM Abdullah Badawi) had decided to give it up much quicker than expected?

KJ: I don't know if I'd categorise it as disappointment, you know? Regret? Not regret in [him] going per se. But maybe regret at what might have been if he had done things differently, or reformed quicker. Things like that.

But he's (PM Abdullah Badawi) always told me, especially when I joined politics, he said, and he always reminds me, "Don't ever take anything to heart, because this is just a game. And it's not about your life. This is not your life. Your life is your family, your life is your well-being. This is a game, a game that you're in because you want to do something for the country. And unfortunately, to help the country you have to be part of this game. You can stop whenever you want, and you can leave. Nobody is asking you to play this game. You are in it by your own volition, your own choice."

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mohd ali ismail said...

So, taking up the highest important position in the country is just a game.No wonder our country is in shambles.Abdullah Badawi and family take us all as toys and toying around with us is part of the game.Now you know who this goon is and his obligation to the rakyat.Do we still want these people to be part of the Government.For that matter do we still allow BN to rule.Remember, to them we are toys!