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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Right to Redress Campaign Launch

poster Right to Redress Campaign Launch

Right to Redress Campaign Launch
Dewan Sri Pinang, Rooms A/B
10am-12pm, 28 February 2009

10.00am Opening statement: JUMP
10.05am Video presentation
10.15am Official Launch;
YB Prof. Ramasamy
Penang Deputy Chief Minister and State EXco
10.25am 4 short dramas highlighting the need for the Right to Redress
10.45am Discussion of joint actions
11.15am Refreshments

Please confirm your attendance with
Eric 016-4865 854
Stanley 016-4455 678
email: jampot at gmail dot com

It would be helpful if you can give your name, organization, address and contact telephone and email. Thanks

All are welcome!

What is JUMP
JUMP is the Malay acronym for Jaringan Utara Migrasi dan Pelarian which means Northern Migration & Refugees Network. JUMP is a network of NGOs and individuals interested in issues affecting migrant workers and refugees. JUMP coordinates services (welfare and legal), organises training sessions, pursues advocacy initiatives and creat awareness about the situation facing all migrants.

Everyone of us is entitled to the protection and enhancement of our basic human rights.

This is a fundamental principle, enshrined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Many other international convenants and declarations have further elaborated the human rights to which everyone of us, every member of our human race, is entitled.

One part of these fundamental rights is the right to redress.

This means that where a right is not recognised, or where there is abuse of human rights, there is an avenue where a complaint is speedily and impartially heard and justice can be done or a remedy obtained.

The 5 Rights to Redress

  • The Right to be Heard

  • The Right to Stay

  • The Right to Work

  • The Right to Timely Redress

  • The Right to Enforceable Compensation

For migrants (who include migrant workers, refugees, victims of human trafficking and stateless persons), their basic human rights are often utterly abused, and their right to redress often non-existent.

That is why we are launching this campaign.

Location map of Dewan Sri Pinang

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Dewan Sri Pinang Location Map

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