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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Alert: Check your voter registered

During a voter registration exercise, a voter who totally have no connection with Johore somehow was found to be registered to vote in Johore. Fortunately this had been discovered before an election had been declare and we assume she would have time to go to the post office to get her polling center changed to the address in her IC (Identity Card).

I am sure you would not want to be surprised on election day to discover that unknown to you, you polling center has been changed to a faraway unreachable place which means you would not be able to vote.

Please go to
or direct to
Semak pendaftaran pengundi (Bahasa Malaysia)
Check voter registration (English)

and ensure your polling center is same as your address in your IC and/or is what you want it to be. If you have relocated to a new address, first change the address in your IC, then go to the nearest Post Office to request to change your polling center to that address in your IC.

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