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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Save Sarawak Malaysia Appeal for Funds

Hi Folks,

As you know, free and fair election in Malaysia and in particular, in Sarawak is a pipe dream. First partly because of gerrymandering, the weightage to rural votes especially in Sarawak is hugely higher than those in the urban. Also, while easy for BN (Barisan Neraka) is easy because huge resources are available, and many suspect that includes Government resources, for campaigning in the interior. And many suspect too that vote buying is rampant there.

I like many others really hope that Malaysia will have meaningful reforms and changes for Malaysia and that can only come about if BN (Barisan Nasional or better nicknamed Barisan Neraka) is voted out of power whether for only 1 term or many terms or forever we know not. As such, I have no hesitation in donating to

A friend and former collegue is now helping in the campaigning in Sarawak using his own funds. He has however appealed for donations which he can use to distribute to those others in Sarawak who/which need funds urgently and since I know him I myself have donated to him and trust him to distribute it wisely via internal transfer to his Maybank account

I have his permission to reproduce his appeal email below:

Hi friends

I shall be making my third trip into Sarawak politics on 8th Apl. My first trip was to Batang Ai (where we lost the state assembly seat), and the second was to Sibu (where we won the Parliament seat). I am reattaching some of the photos taken at those 2 places just to share.

This third trip to participate in the campaign is, to me, the mother of all Sarawak elections. Lets not talk about taking over the state government as all calculations and statistics indicate that its a 89o uphill task, though indeed we remain hopeful. What is going to be more pivotal and far reaching is causing a dent in the juggernaut government of the BN. This election is the people’s best chance to cause a dent in Taib Mahmud’s ironclad grip.

Some analysts have forecast that winning 33 seats is possible; however I regard this as overly optimistic. Andy Williams in singing the Impossible Dream, casts his doubts. Ideally a target of 24 seats would see BN losing its 2/3 majority, but even this is not in the crystal ball of those who are more familiar with the Sarawakian psyche. To me, winning any number of additional seats (the opposition now holds only 8 seats) – but must be substantial – would send alarm bells to BN vis-a-vis the forthcoming pan Malaysian general election, ie PRU13.

The argument is that grabbing the DUN seats will have a crumbling effect on the Parliamentary constituencies (held by BN) in which these DUN seats are situated. Sarawak has 31 MPs of which only 2 are from the opposition. The game plan is to destroy BN’s fixed-deposit Parliamentary seats in that state, plus also, Sabah.

Both Sarawakians and non-Sarawakians share a common vision and desire – to bring down the corrupt and unjust BN government.

On my trip to Sarawak I would like to raise some money to help the opposition fight BN’s 3M – money, media and machinery. I appeal to you, on behalf of the people of Malaysia, and in particular the rakyat of Sarawak, to donate generously. Any amount will be appreciated. Respond to this email and I shall make arrangements with you on how to collect your donation. (NOTE: This money is to be handed to the opposition candidates in Sarawak directly. The expenses incurred by my trip will be borne solely by me.

Voter Registration: If you or your family members, neighbours or friends, and their children, have not registered to vote in the next GE, you may do so with me. I am an assistant registrar with the Election Commision and I shall make arrangements with you to get them to sign up.


Robert Choo
016-278 9850

My account details:
Maybank: 012110111359

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