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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Calling Penan, Kayan, Kelabit, Kenyah, Iban

From an email forward:

I am Lake' Jaro' calling to all my anak-anak, cucu-cucu from the Penan, Kayan, Kelabit, Kenyah, Iban and all orang Ulu community in Sarawak especially in Telang Usan.

Starting tomorrow we have 2 more whole days and 1 and half night to campaign before we vote on 16/4/2011. PR parties are poor because their only source of funds are from their own pockets. On the other hand BN parties have access to unlimited funds.. taxes from us, royalty from our timber, oil gas, the big corporations given large tract of our NCR lands etc...etc..etc. Every where they are giving angpows of up to RM2000.00 per voter. They are handing out MEE SEGERA and getting our nation deeper and deeper into national debt. Right after this election if BN wins I can bet my one month salary that everything from sugar, tea, mee, petrol, diesel etc...etc will go up. They need our money to pay for what they borrowed for all the MEE SEGERA.

Brothers and sisters IF BN win which I doubt very much you will not get a cent from BN/TAIB/UMNO for the next 5 years. So now is the time to receive your RM2000.00. Go and demand the money from them. Approach the person holding their money because after all the person holding the money will try his very best to keep the money for himself. Election money is SAFE money so no one will charge the person holding the money even if he did not distribute a single cent to the voters.

Go and tell the BN that you are their supporter and will vote for them...COME ELECTION DAY VOTE FOR PKR (MATA) Harrison Ngau for Telang Usan, Baru Bian for Bakelalan and Dr. Lau for Batu Danau. So do not miss this apportunity.

JANGAN SEPERTI SESETENGAH PENGUNDI " MALI ENDA NGUNDI BN LABAN IA UDAH MERI KITAI 5 RINGGIT !" This is typical IBAN thinking. Telang Usan people are more matured, I hope !.


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