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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Abdullah Badawi lied or Oppositions lied?

From theSun Front Page (not advertisement) 28 February 2008:

PM: Opposition spreading lies to undermine Barisan unity

Now this is from memory. Sometime, if I remembered correctly, Raja Petra (Malaysia Today) reported that Abdullah Badawi will be getting remarried. Again from memory, it was reported in the newspapers that Abdullah Badawi denied he will be getting remarried. A few months later, Abdullah Badawi remarried.

Another one. Again all from memory as I have no time to search. Raja Petra (Malaysia Today) predicted that the Parliament will be dissolved on 13 February 2008. On 12 February 2008, reporters asked Abdullah Badawi if the Parliament will be dissolved tomorrow (13 February 2008). His reply, "not tomorrow". Next day (tomorrow) 13 February 2008 Abdullah announced that the Parliament had been dissolved.

Now who are lying?

Please help. I have lots of things to do and have no time to verify what I wrote above. I am open to correction, even apologize if proven wrong. Please let me know if I had written anything that is factually wrong so I can correct it.

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