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Friday, February 22, 2008

DAP needs donations for election campaign

The Barisan component parties are very well funded. Campaign helpers, polling agents and counting agents are paid. Further, they are treated to big, sumptuous dinners, and I have been told that at these dinners, envelopes containing money are handed out to dinners. The Barisan because they are the ruling coalition, can hand out patronage.
Because of such financial and other incentives, the Barisan are never short of funds and campaign workers.

DAP (Democratic Action Party) is in a different situation. For various obvious reasons, the party is not rich. They are short of campaign funds.

Donation to campaign funds for DAP Candidates for Petaling Jaya

Donations to campaign funds or Petaling Jaya DAP election candidates can be made to Maybank2U. Donations can be made to:

Account Number: 0141 7813 0026
Account Holder: DAP Paramount Garden

If you need a receipt, you can fax your transaction statement, name, contact details to

603-7957 5718

or email

You can also donate by cash or check at DAP Paramount which is opposite and a few houses away from the DAP headquarter. You will easily recognize it by flags sporting the DAP's Rocket symbol. Below is a map to DAP headquarter:

map to Lau Weng San's service center
Map to Lau Weng San's Service Center which is also DAP's Headquarter

Another website for online donation which includes payment by credit cards is DAP for Petaling Jaya, Donation where you can choose to the campaign fund for PJ Utara Parliamentary Constituent (including the state seat of Kampung Tunku and Damansara Utama) or specifically to the state seat of Bukit Gasing.

Donation by cash or check

1. Petaling Jaya Utara Constituency (incl. Kg Tunku and Damansara Utama)

You may deposit your cash or cheque donations to:

Account Name: DAP Damansara
Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad (Damansara Utama Branch)
Account Number: 5141 9634 2008

Tony Pua's service center map
Location map of Tony Pua's Service Center which is also the DAP Damansara Utama's branch office

2. Alternatively, you can address and post your cheques to:

DAP Damansara Branch
55M Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

For donations to Bukit Gasing, please write cheques to "Lee Poh Lin"

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