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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waris Bukan Bumiputera. Who are the?

Here is a screenshot taken from Another instance of rise of Little Napoleons and Little Mullah Napoleons. The letter from Zainal Arifin bin Zakaria, Guru Besar (Headmaster), Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Puyu, 13020 Butterworth, is addressed to "semua Waris Bukan Bumiputera".

letter from Zainal Arifin bin Zakaria, Guru Besar (Headmaster), Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Puyu, 13020 Butterworth addressed to semua Waris Bukan Bumiputera

Someone asked me to verify the authenticity of the letter, and I will try but do not know if I will able to do so or not as I am no journalist or detective. Let us see if I am going to be able to update this post or not.

If authentic, then my next question is, what is Warisan Bukan Bumiputera? This the first time I heard of the phrase.

Anyone willing to help?


The Way I See It said...

Dear Friend,

Please look back at the letter carefully.

The letter states waris not warisan, in malay language it means guardian/ parents or anybody who is looking after the student.

The reason for the letter was to inform that zakat department and an islamic organization has agreed to donate tuition services to the muslim pupils.

The letter invited non-muslim student to join in but fees are applicable. Because zakat money is meant only for the muslim students.

Please read the letter carefully.

Peter said...

Hi the way I see it,

OK got your point. Ribuan terima kasih. Title changed. Can you confirm the letter is authentic?

Now remain the question, "why was the previous arrangement changed and why did the Islamic organization have to get involved? Why can't the previous arrangement be continued?"

Please follow the link to Another instance of rise of Little Napoleons and Little Mullah Napoleons, read the letter by the parent and then comment again.

Digital Candlelight Vigil

Peter said...

Forgot to add, previously the tuition class were free to everyone. Why does that have to be changed so that the non-Muslim students have to start paying other than the fact that zakat is involved? They didn't asked for the zakat. And about the non-Muslim bumiputera? Where do they stand?

Digital Candlelight Vigil

The Way I See It said...

please read about what is zakat, and the purpose of it.

you will find it in wikepedia, i think.

I am not to argue what is the previous arrangement. I am only worry that some good intention might be misunderstood.

I am not sure the latter, but after reading the letter 3 times I am sure it was well intended.

Maybe the headmaster need to use a more suitable wording and explain further the initial intention, and what zakat is all about.

Peter said...

Plus education is the responsibility of the Education Department which is for all Malaysians, not just Muslim.

Peter said...

OK you say, I do. Check Wikipedia. To my surprise, I expected what you said, for Muslim only, but check Zakat from Wikipedia. For your convenience, I paste what I saw there:
Zakat is the Islamic concept of tithing and alms. It is an obligation on Muslims to pay 2.5% of their wealth to specified categories in society when their annual wealth exceeds a minimum level (nisab). Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.


People Whose Hearts are to be Reconciled (Normally new Muslims or those close to becoming Muslim. Even non-muslims could be included)

* Freed slaves
* Those heavily indebted with paying their debts
* Travelers who find themselves in difficult circumstances
Now did I see Even non-muslims could be included or did I went to the wrong Wikipedia?

Peter said...

Also, you said argue. I don't want to argue. I want to discuss. Open discussion. Open mind. No argument. Just present my side of the story and you present your side. I have given my side, that is, why did the previous arrangement which is multi-racial, multi-religious, no discrimination, had to be changed. I hope to hear your views. If you don't agree with me, you tell me your view. I like to think of myself as a good listener, willing to listen to both side and accept what I think is right and reject what I think is not right or fair.

But you said you don't want to argue. I agree. I don't want you to argue. I want you to present your side of the story. If I find it reasonable, I accept it. Not arguing. Discussing. Discussions are good for mutual understanding. I want to hear your side, not only my side. You said Waris, not Warisan. I checked and found you are correct, correct, correct. I correct (only 1 time) my mistake and thank you. So what argument? Tell me I am wrong, and if I am wrong, I accept it. I don't run away. But if I cannot accept what you tell me, I explain again, not argue. That makes for mutual understanding, not sweeping things under the carpet. You see, I didn't sweep my mistake under the carpet. I correct it when you pointed out my mistake. No offence. I am scientist. I say things as I see them. I see my mistake. I call it a mistake. I don't say that only sounds like me, looks like me and I don't know what else like me.

Mistake is mistake. I welcome people correcting my mistake. If people don't correct my mistake how am I going to learn? I will forever be ignorant. I don't want to be ignorant, katak di bawah tempurung.

Saidul A Shaari said...


During the time of Prophet Muhammad (saw@pbuh) and the first four righteous Caliphs, Aims were poured or granted unselfishly to Muslims and Non-Muslims. Peter was right.

As for the main subject of the discussion, I really have no comment. I never did like the way our Education Ministry handles its affairs.

PS: Peter, I think you should consider using OpenID for comments. You can have more visitors by doing so. :-)

Peter said...

Hi Saidul,

Thanks for the heads up. I have done Open ID for comments for all my main blog, but forgot this one. This is not my main blog. This was only started when I felt very unhappy about the way things are developing in Malaysia plus the way Malaysian bloggers are being treated.

Due to your alert, I will now straight away set comments to allow Open ID.

Ribuan terima kasih.

Digital Candlelight Vigil

Peter said...

To all visitors,

Due to Saidul's alert, comments have be set to allow Open ID comments, so Wordpress users, etc. should now be happy.

BTW I have also removed "nofollow" attribute for comments, so whatever active or clickable links in comments here will be followed by search engines. This will help link popularity of your blogs or posts and make them easier to be found by search engines. So feel free to leave comments with active or clickable links, whether in the body of the comments or in a signature line like the one below. But please don't spam. Spam comments will not pass moderation.

Peter Blog*Star
Digital Candlelight Vigil