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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ceramah at SS2: Short Report Part 1

There were many speakers and unfortunately I do not have a voice recorder and did not take notes, so just summarizing what I can:

Haris Ibrahim, Human Rights Lawyer and People's Parliament creator

From memory so my own version of what I rememberedL "When I was fooled by Abdullah Badawi's promises, my greatest hope was the will clean up the Judiciary (courts, judges) because that is the last bastion of democracy. When our Executive, our Parliament, our enforcement agencies failed us, that is our last resort for remedy."

Haris was a lawyer in the recently concluded Royal Commission on the VK Lingam tape. He expressed his frustrations at the proceedings.

By the way, Haris Ibrahim is one of only two Malay who signed the OHMSI pledge against corruption. OHMSI is short for Oriental Hearts and Mind Study Institute initiated by KJ John. See rolling list of names at bottom left of page.

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