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Friday, February 1, 2008

Song dedicated to Dr. Mahathir who had the chance to redeem himself but blown it

When Dr. Mahathir testified at the Royal Commission on the VK Lingam tape and scandal, he chose selective amnesia. Dr. Mahathir was reputed to be very sharp when he was Prime Minister of Malaysia, but at the Royal Commission, he showed a poor deterioration, real or not, we do not know. There were lots of "I don't remember". Had he chosen to remember, he would have done our nation a great service by helping to start to right the rot in the Malaysian Judiciary that started with his sacking of the then Lord President Tun Salleh Abas. Instead, he chose selective amnesia. So Farida rendered her own version of the popular song of the 70s - "I started a joke""

I started the rot
That sent this nation crumbling
But I wouldn't see
That the rot was in me.

I took all the power
And had the nation crying
But I didn't care
That my rule was unfair.

I started it all
Caused all this mess
And people had less
But I, I'm on my throne
I don't care two hoots
I can go it alone.

I've started a scheme
That'll make you want me back
A pity you can't see
That Malaysia needs me.

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