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Friday, April 27, 2012

Baljit Singh of Gerakan talking nonsense

Baljit Singh, Penang Gerakan state legal and human bureau chief, challenged Pakatan Rakyat that if they really want clean and fair election and want to empower the people, then Pakatan should stand together with Gerakan suggestion to disallow party hopping after elections.

This Baljit Singh who is supposed to be in charge of legal and human matters is talking through his nose. It is UMNO/BN that should stand with Pakatan Rakyat to disallow party hopping after elections. It is UMNO/BN that amended the Constitution so that an MP who wants to hop to another party and want to seek a fresh mandate by resigning and recontest in an election will find it impossible to do so because UMNO/BN had made it necessary for the MP to wait 5 years before he can recontest in an election.

So Baljit Singh, if you are sincere, you should ask your Gerakan leaders to pressure UMNO/BN to remove that Constitutional barrier to require an MP who resign to wait 5 years before recontesting.

If you can do that, you can be sure Pakatan Rakyat will stand with you.

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