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Sunday, April 22, 2012

BERSIH 3.0 - The Return of the Rakyat

Tens of thousands marched.
They could not suppress BERSIH 2.0
And the government thinks they can make BERSIH 3.0 go away by ignoring it.

On the night of April 19, our Parliament sat until some ungodly hour to rush through bills that the government didn't want anyone to know about.
What kind of democracy is this?

Instead of moving towards Electoral Reform, the government has in fact enacted laws making it easier for them to CHEAT!!!

Some asked if we still need to rally for ELECTORAL REFORM .....
All Malaysians of conscience, here the the ALARMING FACTS of the amendments to the Election Offences Act.

Anyone can now put up ANONYMOUS posters without identifying publisher/printer.
Poison posters will now become standard fare.
Exactly the opposite to our demand to end dirty politics!!!!

A candidate can only use a party office to hold meetings, discussions, ceramahs, etc.
Candidates are not allowed to use homes, hire halls or set up temporary structures.
Will this rule apply to ALL politicians?

EC will not allow replacement polling/counting agent even if the original agent does not turn up due to an emergency.
EC can now remove polling/counting agents from a polling station at their whims and fancy.

New amendment says NO MORE BARONG OBSERVERS!!!
Barong observers are the only outsiders besides EC staff allowed to vet the IC numbers.
It serves as a "preliminary screening" to weed out phantom voters.

The 50m exclusion zone outside the polling center is now extended to 100m or more, depending on the EC to decide.
This makes it impossible for election monitors such as MAFREL to see anything illegal going on.

They stopped the clock in Parliament for self-serving ends.
We will not obey laws that were never meant for the good of the people.
We are stopping evil so justice can reign again.
Wherever evil lies, we will fight it.
All authority belongs to the people.

We, the rakyat, were here before politicians and political parties.
We will still be here after politicians die and parties fade away.
Listen! This is the hour: THE RETURN OF THE RAKYAT.
You can't stop the tide of people rising up for righteousness.
The rakyat are unstoppable

Young Malaysians have shown their self worth
in going for the full distance for what they believe in.

They sent the police.
It didn't work.
They sent DBKL.
It didn't work.
So they send in THUGS!!!
Not only did it not work, it triggered an avalanche of sympathy worldwide.
You cannot hold back TRUTH.
It is on an unstoppable march to Putrajaya.
And we are holding up its banner.

# clean before 13 (the 13th General Election)

BERSIH 3.0 @ Dataran Merdeka
2pm April 28th 2012
Yellow is the NEW BLACK
Bersih 3.0, Dataran Merdeka 28 April 2012

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