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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Malaysians must participate in BERSIH 3.0

I was at the first BERSIH protest in 2007. I missed BERSIH 2.0 because of an impending trip to Google Campus in Mountainview, California. Come April 28 baring unforseen circumstances, I will be at BERSIH 3.0 to help put pressure to put further pressure on the EC and the federal government for reforms and clean and fair election.

And Malaysians must join us. Why? Because the EC (Election Commission) and the UMNO/BN federal government will never willingly give us a really free and fair election and the 13th General Election will as expected be the dirtiest election in history.

They have rammed through the amendments of the Election Offences Act, 1954 together with another 7 bills and have thus resulted in monitoring and prevention of electoral fraud very very difficult if not impossible.

What are those changes?

1. cannot establish identity of voter anywhere in constituency, 5k fine or jail
2. no barung agent (monitoring agents) at registration booth
3. polling and counting agents only allowed at time stipulated by EC
4. deleted provision for all printed documents to have printer & publisher name & address

Pertinent Election Offences Act amendments

Malaysians Bangkit (Malaysians Arise)!!!

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