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Monday, April 23, 2012

Students at Occupy Dataran Merdeka appeals for help

Hi People,

By now I think you have all heard that Fahmi and Umar were detained by the police at Dataran Merdeka.

Was told that Fahmi will be released soon, which is about now. I think.

The students at Dataran Merdeka need your help.

Most of their things were confiscated this morning - food, water, tents (more than 60), medicine, umbrellas, toiletries etc.

One SABMer is out buying tents right this moment - money from a generous donor.

Some of the students are highly dehydrated according to a doctor who checked them this morning.

Some are also sunburnt - no tents, no sunblock.

It is heartbreaking that this morning they had not had a meal.

SABMers, can we rely on you to help out in some way or other?

They need regular meals and there isn't much coordination - people have given generously but the timing needs to be regular. There should not be shortage nor should there be waste.

Also, the students are not having enough vegetables and fruit. So please come, support, bring supplies.

Bring towels, fruit, salads, healthy meals, panadol etc.

Let me know if you can contribute and help out.

Most of all, most of all, please know that they need to know we care and are with them.

They are standing up against intimidation and injustice.

We should be with them.

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